Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Does Lionshead Sell Direct To Consumers?
A - No, Lionshead only sells direct to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). If you need a part, contact the parts department at your manufacturer. If they do not have the product, please visit Etrailer carries the largest selection of our products.
Q - How To Determine The Right Air Pressure?
A - Trailer tires should always be inflated to the maximum PSI indicated on the tire. Keeping them at the proper air pressure is key for longevity, load-carrying capacity, and the ability for the tire to dissipate heat efficiently. Find the maximum tire pressure by looking at your tire sidewall. Look for the small notation “Max. Load” followed by a PSI number.
Q - What Does The Lionshead Wheel Warranty Cover?
A - Lifetime warranty on structural / manufacturers defects (cracks and pinholes)
  • 1-Year warranty on clear coat (aluminum wheels)
  • 1-Year warranty on paint (steel wheels)
Q - When should you check tire pressure?
A - Check air pressure when the tire is cool to the touch. Ambient air temperature, not directly after driving. This ensures an accurate reading.
Q - How Can You Extend Tread Life?
A - Here are our suggestions:
  1. Visually inspect your tires before each trip.
  2. Check tire pressure before you use your trailer. Keep your tires inflated to the maximum PSI branded on the sidewall.
  3. When you’re storing your trailer for the off-season, use tire covers to protect them from early wear. Park in a cool, dry place.
  4. Keep caps on tire air valve stems, to keep debris and moisture out.
  5. If you notice excessive, uneven trailer tire wear, get a tire professional to assess the problem and determine a solution.
  6. Don’t assume that replacing tires with a set that has a higher load capacity will fix uneven wear problems. You’ll likely have the same problem with the new set if there’s something wrong with the trailer alignment, suspension or axles.
Q - How To File A Warranty Claim?
A - Click here or go to the Lionshead website: under the header “Services” click on “Warranty” and download the Warranty Form, fill out and return to our Warranty Manager
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