Ridgway Sport Super Bias Ply Tire

Ridgway Sport



The Ridgway Sport Radial ST tire exemplifies the ruggedness and resilience of the small town in Colorado in which it was named. Built with custom aluminum molds for a precise and consistent finished product, the Ridgway Sport ST is a durbale and reliable tire. The Ridgway Sport is available in both Radial and Bias Ply construction. 

Wheel Specifications
Size PlyMaximum Load (lb) Pressure
ST145R12 LRD8122065PSI
ST145R12 LRE10152080PSI
ST175/80R13 LRC6136050PSI
ST205/75R14 LRC6176050PSI
ST205/75R15 LRC6182050PSI
ST225/75R15 LRD8254065PSI
ST235/80R16 LRE10352080PSI
4.80-12 LRC699090PSI
5.30-12 LRC6105080PSI
ST175/80D13 LRC6136050PSI
ST205/75D14 LRC6176050PSI
ST205/75D15 LRC6182065PSI
ST225/75D15 LRD8254065PSI
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